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When close isn't enough, use Galileo

Galileo. Navigation made in Europe.

100 000 000Estimated number of Galileo‑enabled smartphones today
When close isn't enough

Lost in Navigation

When trying to reach a venue in an unfamiliar city, wandering down a labyrinth of small winding streets, it can be easy to lose your way. But don’t worry - the added accuracy that Galileo provides will get you to where you want to go, without the need to turn to the local biker community for help!


The Long Wait

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow delivery service. With a rumbling stomach, all you can do is wait for your now cold food to arrive. Thanks to the added accuracy that Galileo provides, delivery drivers can quickly find your address – making sure your pizza arrives fast, hot and ready to eat.


Lost in Love

In affairs of the heart, as in other areas of life, accuracy is important. The high precision that Galileo provides will ensure that Cupid’s arrow hits its target every time - protecting you from unpleasant surprises.


Waiting in the Rain

You book your ride and confirm the pick-up point. Yet a few minutes later your taxi drives right by – leaving you out in the rain! Don’t worry, Galileo has you covered. With the added accuracy and improved precision that Galileo provides, your taxi will always come to you.

Missed Match

Missed Match

Your dating app may have found you the right match, but your phone’s map leads you to the wrong meeting point. Now, with the high precision that Galileo provides, you can say goodbye to missed matches. With a Galileo-enabled phone, you can swipe right and find Mr. or Ms. Right!