Your smartphone is not alone,
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Accuracy Always Matters: Get it right!

Accuracy Always Matters: Get it right!

It’s Saturday night at your favorite restaurant and you’re ready to enjoy the finest experience when all of a sudden...

Lost in Love

Lost in Love

In affairs of the heart, as in other areas of life, accuracy is important. The high precision that Galileo provides will ensure that Cupid’s arrow hits its target every time - protecting you from unpleasant surprises.


Help in the Forest

A fall while enjoying the forest doesn’t have to be a major drama. With Galileo in your phone, a call to 112 will let first responders know exactly where to find you. So, if you are going jogging remember – stay hydrated and bring your Galileo-enabled phone!


Beach Rescue

A strong undercurrent can turn a quick dip into a life-threatening experience. But help is on the way. When you call 112, Galileo’s added accuracy gets the emergency services exactly where they need to go, fast! Galileo – European satellites saving lives.


Travel Assistance

You’re enjoying a weekend away in a new city when disaster strikes. A health emergency can be frightening for everyone involved, especially if you do not know exactly where you are. Galileo’s added accuracy reduces emergency response times, when every minute counts. Your Galileo-enabled phone - extra travel assistance, with you all the time.


Dog's Dinner

Pets – they keep us company and enrich our lives. But a pooch in love can be a lot to handle – wily, willful and full of determination. But don’t worry - Galileo’s added accuracy will help you keep tabs on even the most romantically-minded pet.


The Long Wait

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow delivery service. With a rumbling stomach, all you can do is wait for your now cold food to arrive. Thanks to the added accuracy that Galileo provides, delivery drivers can quickly find your address – making sure your pizza arrives fast, hot and ready to eat.

Lost in Navigation

Lost in Navigation

When trying to reach a venue in an unfamiliar city, wandering down a labyrinth of small winding streets, it can be easy to lose your way. But don’t worry - the added accuracy that Galileo provides will get you to where you want to go, without the need to turn to the local biker community for help!

Matrimonial Miss

Matrimonial Miss

You are all dressed up and ready to go. All that remains is to take a relaxing drive through countryside and you can celebrate with your friends. But unfamiliar country roads can soon seem like a confusing labyrinth, leading you round in circles. Take the stress out of driving - let Galileo get you to the party on time!

Missed Match

Missed Match

Your dating app may have found you the right match, but your phone’s map leads you to the wrong meeting point. Now, with the high precision that Galileo provides, you can say goodbye to missed matches. With a Galileo-enabled phone, you can swipe right and find Mr. or Ms. Right!


Accuracy Matters on 2 Wheels

Whether you are aspiring to be the next winner of the #TDF2019 or just dusting off you bike, with Galileo you have access to enhanced precise positioning and navigation to keep you on track. Stay ahead of the pack; make sure you have Galileo’s added accuracy in your phone!


No Picnic

The sun is shining, the kids are excited - it’s a perfect day for a picnic. You park in the forest and set off on a hike to the ideal picnic spot. But, even for seasoned trekkers, it’s easy to get lost in the woods and, before you know it, your relaxing day has turned into a marathon. Turn your hike in the forest into a walk in the park by packing Galileo’s added accuracy in your picnic basket.

Autonomous Driving powered by Galileo

Autonomous Driving powered by Galileo

What was some years ago science fiction will soon become reality. Autonomous driving will revolutionize life as we know it by shaping the future of transport. Driver-less cars promise to open up mobility options for people with impairments and ageing populations, reduce car accidents and even free up the space wasted in parking. Galileo's increased accuracy is a key component to this revolution.


Waiting in the Rain

You book your ride and confirm the pick-up point. Yet a few minutes later your taxi drives right by – leaving you out in the rain! Don’t worry, Galileo has you covered. With the added accuracy and improved precision that Galileo provides, your taxi will always come to you.